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The Best Version of Your Vehicle

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, it’s functioning at its peak level of performance. From a tight and responsive braking system to a smooth shifting transmission, everything is operating at a high level. But as your vehicle gets older, it starts to suffer from common problems of wear-and-tear. Every vehicle goes through this and it’s an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. How can you return your vehicle to its high level of performance? Is it even possible? Fortunately for you, the answer is yes on both accounts. To do so, you need to visit LaPorte County’s tune-up professionals — Condon & Christ Automotive. Our experienced technicians and service advisor have the latest tools and service techniques to handle any issue your vehicle may have. By the end of your visit, you’ll be driving the best version of your vehicle!

Do You Need a Tune-Up?

How do you know if your vehicle needs a tune-up? Well, the best way to determine this is by referencing your owner manual and following the recommendations listed there. Another way is by following the recommendations set by your local auto shop or dealer. But one other way to determine this need is by focusing in on the different signs of vehicle failure. Although we recommend leaving all services to our professionals, knowing signs of wear-and-tear will help you recognize when it’s time to visit our shop. Here are two common problems you should be aware of!

Reduced Fuel Economy

After a certain amount of time, most drivers should have a sense of how much gas their vehicle burns and how quickly it burns through it. If you notice that you’re taking more trips to the pump, that can be a sign that you need a tune-up! Make sure you visit us soon, as the expenses from constant gas station trips will start to add up!

Poor Shifting

When operating your vehicle, you should be able to smoothly transition from one gear to another. Whether you’re a manual or automatic vehicle owner, you should never experience a rough shift. If you shift gears and you notice a rough hitch or hesitation, that could be a sign your vehicle needs a tune-up. These signs can also indicate transmission trouble, so it’s best to visit our technicians and have them offer a proper diagnosis of your vehicle.

Book Your Tune-Up With Us!

You deserve the best version of your vehicle. You simply don’t have enough time to focus on problems due to vehicle negligence. To avoid that and more, make sure you visit Condon & Christ Automotive in La Porte, IN! Our experienced automotive professionals have the skill and technical know-how to provide every tune-up service your vehicle may need, whether it’s an oil change or tire rotation. Give us a call at 219-362-2728 and schedule your tune-up service today! Need your tune-up performed today? Visit our shop! We happily accept all walk-in clients. We’re located on 909 Boyd Blvd, just up the street from Walmart. We can’t wait to meet you!