When you’re behind the wheel, you need dependable tires you can count on. Your vehicle should be ready for whatever conditions you encounter, and our expert staff can recommend the right tires for your vehicle and driving habits. We’re your one-stop shop for all things tire.

Your Local Tire Experts

We care about our customers and their safety, so no matter your needs, we’re here for you. Whether you’re looking at tires on our page or from someone else, we’re happy to answer any questions for you before you buy. You are not alone in the tire process. Trust the tire experts at Condon & Christ. We’ll steer you in the right direction!

Why Should You Buy Your Tires at Condon & Christ?

  • Great Price
    • We carry tires ranging from economy to specialty. No matter your budget, we can find what you need to get you on the road.
  • Available Inventory
    • Our twice-daily deliveries mean you’ll have same-day or next-day installation, guaranteed. 
  • No Appointments Needed
  • Huge Range of Tire Services
    • Our technicians can take care of everything related to your tires–installations, repairs, alignments, balancing, steering and suspension and more!

Affordable Prices and Huge Inventory

When it comes to buying tires, price and availability go hand in hand. You surely want affordable tires without a huge wait. We can guarantee both! We carry a huge range of tires, from economy up to specialty. So no matter your budget, Condon & Christ can get you the tires you need, and fast! 

Same Day Installation or Next Day Installation. No appointment necessary!

We receive deliveries twice each day, so when you buy tires from us you can be sure you’ll get them by next day at the latest. No more waiting for long-distance orders. Our vendors keep us stocked so we can find the products you need fast. 

Condon & Christ Offers Tires For Any Price Point

We know many drivers think buying tires from a service shop is out of their price range. Condon & Christ is proud to carry a huge range of tires, from economy to speciality.

Our Tire Services Include

All of our equipment is state-of-the-art. In fact, Condon & Christ Automotive Service+ offers the most up-to-date service equipment in the area, featuring all new tire equipment and alignment machines.

Trust your local experts at Condon & Christ Automotive Service+ to find and install the right tires for you! We can order replacement tires, performance tires, all-terrain tires and snow tires for cars, trucks and SUVs. Our technicians can repair flat tires, measure your tread depth and recommend when you should replace your tires, balance and rotate your tires and make sure your wheels are perfectly aligned for the best and safest drive performance. When you need new tires or need your tires replaced, trust the certified technicians at Condon & Christ to give you excellent customer service and the highest-quality products and workmanship. We’re here to get you back on the road!

Reasons to Replace Tires


We recommend replacing your tires at least every six years. Excessive time on the road (a long daily commute, for example) may push that date up.


Worn, cracked and flat tires need to be replaced to keep your car driving safely.

Irregular Tread Wear

If one tire is wearing faster than the others, bring your vehicle to a trained technician who can diagnose the issue and recommend a solution.

Bulging or Bubbling Tires

This generally happens on the sidewall, and is a sign your tires need to be looked at immediately. 

Tire Mileage

The lifespan of tires depends on a lot of factors, including brand, so be sure to ask a certified technician for your tires’ estimated 

Driving Style

Aggressive driving, drifting, off-roading or doing burnouts can wear your tires faster.

Element Exposure

Excessive UV exposure, extreme temperatures and lack of use can

Replacing your tires before you reach any of the above issues can prevent accidents and costly repairs. Reach out to the experts at Condon & Christ Automotive Service+ with any tire questions and we’ll find the right tires for you! Call us at (219) 362-2728 or leave us a line.

Shop Online for Tires with Condon & Christ

At Condon & Christ Automotive Service+ you can shop for tires based on your vehicle’s make, model, year or size. We can find new tires, used tires or snow tires that will fit your needs exactly. No matter your tire needs, we’re here for you. We are your local tire resource.